What Is Visualization And Why Use It?

Visualization is a powerful mental practice used by people who want to improve and empower themselves to achieve more in their lives.

What is Visualization and Why Use It?

Visualization is a powerful mental practice used by people who want to improve and empower themselves to achieve more in their lives.

Envision character success

Learn what visualization is, how and why you to use it to achieve your goals​

Learn what visualization is, how and why you to use it to achieve your goals

Envision character success

When you don’t know the science, visualization can seem like magic or like daydreaming. It is neither. Visualization is a process of creating images in the mind. Because the mind is connected to the nervous system, it creates new connections that can prime the mind to see opportunities that weren’t seen before. Or it can prime the mind to be ready to overcome obstacles. Or it can prime the mind to perform perfectly even in stressful situations. It is an incredibly useful and versatile tool.
Effective visualization is not about believing that you can just picture something in your mind and have it magically appear. It is about developing a tool that utilizes imagery for shifting your mindset and attitude to show up better throughout your day. It is about getting clear on your direction and vision. And most importantly, it is about taking dynamic and efficient action. Visualization can allow you to rehearse and program key actions so that you perform at your very best. By picturing these actions and then picturing alternatives, you program into the subconscious mind your contingency planning. That allows you to handle any situation. And handle it well. That is the power of visualization.

Visualization is a process of creating images in the mind. So when you picture the entrance to your home, you are visualizing. Effective visualization comes with training. It is when you connect visualization to the feeling state. When we envision something that is really important to us, say having a robust amount in our savings account, we have a deeper emotional reaction. The way we teach you to visualize with EnVision shows you how to utilize these feeling states to stay inspired and motivated. Visualization then becomes a powerful tool that you can use to get more done, more efficiently, and with greater drive. We teach you how to see it better, feel it deeper and become it sooner. Check us out.

Too often people have a mistaken notion about visualization — that all we have to do is visualize and things will magically appear in our lives. That is not necessarily so. We need to do more than visualize. We need to connect to our vision and values and use visualization to show up as the best version of ourselves. Then we need to take action. Visualization is based on neuroscience — how the brain works. When combined in the context of vision and strategic action, it can seem like magic, but it is just the results of us using more of our brain’s potential in a structured, practical system. That system is EnVision.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a lot of free time. So when someone suggests adding something to your schedule, you need a compelling reason. When it comes to visualization the most persuasive reason for making it part of our daily routine is simply this: it works. By that we mean, it gives you way more back than the time you invest in it. You get more efficient at moving toward your goals, you get clearer on your goals, and it helps you be more focused moment-to-moment. So if you are looking for a better life, a way of using your full potential, then check out this valuable tool of visualization.

We often reference celebrities and highly successful individuals when we are talking about the fact that visualization works. But it is not just for the rich and famous. We are constantly receiving feedback from users about how visualization and, in particular, how EnVision has changed their lives. It is why we created the product. So why not join the thousands who have given it a try and see what happens?

Too often when it comes to mind practices such as visualization and meditation, people assume they need to adopt a philosophy or they need to believe in it. Visualization is like gravity. It works whether you believe in it or not. Don’t just take our word for it. And don’t just assume that it is for career success or wealth. Here is what one of our users said in reference to meeting their health goals: “This has honestly worked wonders for me and my health in only three weeks.”

Visualization isn’t just about the mind. It is about using more of the brain. When we visualize, particularly when we have created a scene in our mind’s eye, we use more of the right brain. We tap into more of the creative, intuitive and holistic parts of ourselves. And we integrate these with the rational, analytical, verbal parts of the brain. In other words, we use more of ourselves and our potential when we visualize. Visualization is a powerful way to activate more of our potential. And that is what we do with the EnVision app.

Visualization doesn’t just tap into under utilized parts of the brain. It doesn’t just activate more of the right brain. It uplevels our brain’s functioning by integrating more of the right brain’s creativity, intuition and inner peace with the left brain’s analytical and strategy building functions. Integration means that these parts of us are working together when we visualize, creating a more powerful effect and upleveling our productivity and efficiency. That allows us to show up as our best self and create the success we want, one day at a time.

When most people think of visualization, they think of a mental practice. Visualization with EnVision goes way beyond that. We recognize that the mind affects the emotions and the body, and all of these are components of setting a winning attitude. In other words, the most effective approach to visualization has a profound effect on how we feel. It changes our attitude and helps us to create a positive mindset. And it is our daily mindset and attitude that propel us rapidly towards our goals. They accelerate our progress and efficiency. They can make all the difference. And visualization can be the key that unlocks the winning mindset and attitude.

Visualization is a versatile tool. We can use it to set attitude and develop a positive mindset. We can use it to rehearse important steps towards our success. One of the most effective uses of visualization is to create a vision for our lives that is so inspiring it compels us to act. At EnVision we call this your compelling future. We help you to define your compelling future and to represent that future visually with a vision board. We help you to know how to best visualize this future so that you feel motivated and inspired. And we help you to know what actions to take in order to achieve it.

Visualization is a way of using the mind. It is a way of creating images in the mind. It is also a skill. At EnVision we help you to hone this skill into an effective tool for success. For us, visualization is a success tool through which we create powerful internal states that empower us to take effective action towards our goals. It accelerates our progress toward creating the life we desire. So it is much more than simply creating an image of what we want in our minds. It is a way of inspiring us to live all that we can be. Our approach to visualization lets you see it, feel it and become it.

Visualization is something that is natural. We all make pictures in our minds to some extent. But making visualization effective is a whole different ball game. Why pay for a visualization app? If you are going to spend the time visualizing, you want to get the most out of the time you put into it. Knowing how to enhance the process is key — things a coach might help you with, like using all of the senses, not just the sense of sight — that is where EnVision comes in. We teach you the finer points of visualization and provide training in what makes for an effective visualization practice.

Sure visualization can be easy. You just make images in your mind, right? Not so fast. Effective visualization needs some training. Like how do you know when to see yourself from a distance in a scene or experience the scene as if you were right there living it? These types of perspective shifts can be incredibly effective if you know how and when to use them. And that is what we show you with the EnVision app.

Visualization is about more than just daydreaming. When it is done skillfully, visualization is incredibly impactful, not just affecting the mind, but also motivation, attitude and emotions. This is why the skill of visualization needs to be honed. When we do so, then the impact on our mindset and motivation is maximized. With that we can become an unstoppable force for success, because success is built one day at a time. Each day that we show up with a positive attitude and full of drive, moves us that much closer to success. And that is why using a visualization app that teaches you how to visualize skillfully is such an important tool.

When you visualize on your own, the mind can cause all kinds of trouble. It will wander here and there and you can get lost. With a guided visualization you have a focal point to bring the mind back — a constant reminder of the focus. You also have expert guidance to maximize the process. This guarantees that your visualization has the greatest possible impact on mindset, attitude and motivation. Visualization is better with a guide, and that is why we created the EnVision app.

When you visualize with EnVision, you are going way beyond daydreaming. You are getting well-researched, science-backed techniques to promote your success. From habit changing, to performing at your best in difficult situations, to clarifying your vision, using the EnVision app offers you so much more. In addition to honing the skill of visualization itself, we set you up for success by connecting your vision to what you need to do today to realize it. That kind of coaching is priceless.

What is the power of utilizing the EnVision visualization app? It can help you to visualize like a Navy Seal. You see, effective visualization is something that has many components to it. When a Navy Seal visualizes, they are not just daydreaming about the best outcome. They run through scenario after scenario, so that their subconscious mind will respond automatically to any situation they face. We take these types of visualization strategies and make them accessible in a single app.

Visualizing on your own is sometimes an option, but too often we don’t know how to use visualization in challenging situations. “I have a speech coming up that I am dreading giving.” “I want to ask my boss for a raise, but it’s going to be difficult.” “I need to talk with my partner and have what’s going to be a tough conversation.” For all of these, we have you covered. We have specific guided visualizations for these situations and many more. So why not check out the EnVision visualization app?

EnVision is not just about visualizing and upleveling your mindset, attitude and motivation. It is also about using visualization to create success — defined in your terms. Whatever your definition is, there are strategies and internal and external habits that foster success exponentially. They take success and turn it into really big SUCCESS. And that is what EnVision is all about.