What is a Compelling Future?

What is a Compelling Future?


One of the most powerful things we can use visualization for is to create a vision for our future and for our lives. By this we mean deciding the kind of life we want to have, who we want to be as a person and what we want for our families and loved ones. This is called our compelling future. 

We are creating a vision for our lives that gives us direction and purpose. But our compelling future is not actually one single vision, it is in fact many visions of individual moments, scenes or experiences that collectively make up your future amazing life. This future of ours also has many different aspects to it – work and career, relationships and health, wealth and abundance, lifestyle and purpose and our relationship with ourselves – and all are equally important. 

But our compelling future is not just about creating a vision for our life. It’s more than that. It’s about inspiring us, motivating us and compelling us forward each day to actually make our vision a reality. When we live a life that comes from passion, purpose and desire it compels us forward, it inspires us, it gives us energy, and motivation, and helps us bring unique good to the world. This is why we call it our compelling future. It’s not just about dreaming big, it’s about creating a life that brings happiness, fulfillment and abundance specific to who you are as a person and what makes you come alive. 

So when creating your vision for your future you need to ensure you create a vision that is connected with purpose, passion and desire, as well as thinking about your future in a holistic way, meaning you need to consider all areas of life from success, to fulfilllment, to contribution.

Why Is A Compelling Future Vision So Important?

Many successful people visualize scenes or moments from the life they want to live to help them achieve their dreams. The ranges from entrepreneurs who work with compelling future visualizations to achieve their business goals, to professional athletes who work with them to enhance their sporting performance.

Visualizing moments from our future helps us start with the end in mind and decide in advance what compelling moments or experiences we want to create in our lives. When we do this we have an outcome to work towards, an end goal in mind, and a direction that we can clearly move towards. Those that have a clear vision for their future, and commit to that vision, are far more likely to successfully create that vision for themselves, than those that don’t. 

Importantly, once we’ve created our vision for our future we can then tie all of our goals to this vision. We do this by first determining the larger goals that we set for our lives, and then second by using those larger goals to determine our shorter term goals and daily actions. By doing this we are then able to close the gap between the long term vision for our future and what we need to do today, and each day going forward, to work towards it. 

Ultimately a Completing Future vision is important because we can actually create the vision that we see and make it a reality. So it gives us the power to decide the end in mind and create the life we want ot before it passes us by. 

The best moments in life are when you arrive at a moment you’ve visualized in the past and realise you’ve seen this moment before, and that you were the one that created it. 

How Does It Help Us?

Once we’ve created a vision for our life this vision will help motivate us and compels us forward as we journey towards actually creating it. You see, when we visualize scenes from our desired life, it helps to change our limiting beliefs and mental patterns that hold us back from creating the life that we truly desire for ourselves. It also allows us to prepare for challenges in advance so that when those challenges arise, we are more easily able to overcome them. And it helps us tap into our inner resources which in turn helps build self belief in our ability to fulfill our dreams and create the life we want for ourselves. 

In addition, compelling future visualizations help change our mental and emotional state and connect us with the why of what we’re doing each day, our purpose. Not only is it exciting and inspiring to see this future life of ours, it’s also highly motivating, helping us cultivate belief in ourselves and what we’re working towards. This will help keep us focused and connected with the why of what we’re doing, encouraging us to work hard each day knowing that everything we’re doing now will benefit our future. So rather than just going through the motions each day working towards some random future, we’ll work consciously and with intention, knowing that everything we’re doing now will benefit our desired future lives. 

In short, when we have a clear understanding of where we are going in life, i.e. we have a clear vision of how we want our future life to look, then we’ll be really clear on what we need to do each day to achieve that vision. That’s why compelling future visualizations work so well because, quite simply, what we focus our minds on, we tend to experience. 

So what does your compelling future look like? What could you create in your life? What would you love to experience?

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