Vision, goals, intentions – how they are all connected

Vision, goals, intentions – how they are all connected

Having a clear vision for what we want in our lives is what helps us set the long term direction of our future. It is focusing on this vision that helps keep us motivated and inspired to work hard each day so that we can one day achieve our vision. It is also this vision that helps us determine our larger goals, the goals we need to achieve in order to realize our vision. And then in turn, those goals we set ourselves then determine what we need to do each day in order to achieve them, otherwise known as our daily actions or intentions.

So the three are inextricably linked – our vision determines our goals which determines our daily actions, or intentions.

When we talk about our vision we are talking about the vision we have four ourselves and for our lives. This vision needs to be tailored to you based on who you are, what’s important to you and what works for you. It is made up of many different areas of our lives including the type of career we want to have, the kind of relationships we want in our lives, our health and wellness, our life purpose, and what we want to contribute to the world. Our vision is not just about one single moment, it is in fact made up of many different individual moments that we will experience in our future lives.

Our goals are determined by our vision. So once we know what we want for ourselves and our lives, we can start to set our high level goals based on what we need to do to achieve our vision. These might be goals such as starting a business, or buying a home, or moving to a different country, or having a family, or having the job you’ve always wanted but are not sure what it is yet. These are the bigger goals that we need to achieve to live the life we want.

From there, we can set our daily actions or intentions. So these are the things that we need to do right now to achieve our larger goals, and in turn our vision for our life. So our intention could be to show up in a certain way to the day, or practice and prepare for a big meeting we have coming up, or get a certain thing done to move you closer to achieving your larger goal. Setting an intention each day not only gives us focus and clarity, it also keeps us connected to our long term vision so we know that everything we are doing right now is moving us closer and closer to living the life we truly desire.

There are three features in the EnVision app where you can enter your vision, goals and intentions. There is the Vision Board feature where you can upload different images relating to what you see for your future in the different areas of your life. Then we have our Goal Setting feature where you can enter details of the different goals you want to achieve in your life and mark them as ‘completed’ when you have achieved them. And finally we have the new Intention Setting feature which allows you to set a daily intention which is related to your goals to help keep you focused and on track.

If you haven’t already, you can download the app here.