How to Shift Into an Empowered State Using Visualization

How to Shift Into an Empowered State Using Visualization

How to Instantly Shift Into an Empowered State using Visualization

Visualization Practice can shift your mindset and internal state

One of the most powerful things we can use visualization practice is to shift our mindset and internal state. By this, we mean shifting into a state of empowerment where we feel confident, capable, focused, relaxed, and in the flow of life. Feeling empowered is important as it is one of the keys to winning the inner game of success. When we shift into an empowered state it not only creates a sense of confidence within us, it also helps us feel more motivated, positive, and inspired. 

Being able to shift into this state is an inner resource that all of us have and can tap into anytime we feel overwhelmed, uncertain, or unmotivated, as long as we know-how. 

So how do we quickly and easily shift into that state when we need to? Here are our top 3 tips that will help you do this: 

1. Start To Become More Aware Of How You Are Feeling 

See if you can become more aware of how you are feeling both before, during, and after your visualization practice. Not by forcing any feelings, or overthinking things. Avoid judging yourself in any way. Just by being curious and beginning to take more notice of how you are feeling when you start your practice, and then how you are feeling after you finish your practice. That way you will be able to become more familiar with how it feels to be in more of an empowered state. 

2. Learn How To Bring Yourself Back From Distraction

Everyone gets distracted when they’re visualizing, some more than others, and some more on one day than on another. First of all, if that’s you, don’t worry. It’s totally normal to get distracted. What matters though is that you are aware of the fact that you are distracted and have the intention to bring yourself back to the visualization practice so you can experience the feeling of the shift as much as possible. So however long it takes, when you find yourself being distracted, just try to let go of the distracting thoughts and bring yourself back to the practice as much as you possibly can. 

3. Maintain A Consistent Practice

As with many things in life, having a consistent visualization practice is key when it comes to being able to more quickly and easily shift into an empowered state. The more consistent our practice is the more vivid our visualizations become. The more you practice, the more familiar and natural the feeling of this state will become to you making it easier and easier for you to be able to shift into that state whenever you need to. 

There are many other things you can do to help you experience the shift more easily. We show you how to do all of that in the EnVision App. They include things like using all the senses to make the scenes you are visualizing are really vivid. Also creating a clear intention about the kind of empowered state you want to shift into. We also guide you to making sure you connect with the feeling and emotion of the visualizations as much as you possibly can.

Learn how to take time out of your day and make yourself a priority.

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