Make Yourself a Priority

Make Yourself a Priority

Make Yourself a Priority EnVision Visualization

Regularly taking time out of your day for visualization meditation can benefit you in the long term.

Did you know that some of the world’s most successful athletes, business leaders, entrepreneurs, surgeons, celebrities, and speakers regularly take time out of their day for visualization meditation?  Why? Well because science shows us that visualization, the powerful guided imagery visualization, can help those that practice it maximize their potential. Visualization meditation can also help you achieve your goals, and reach new levels of personal performance. This is why you see many elite athletes with their eyes closed just before taking part in a big competition. Their coaches have trained them to visualize performing at their very best and see themselves getting the results they want before their big events. Those athletes include US Open winning tennis player Bianca Andreescu. Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Missy Franklin and World Cup winning skier Lindsey Vonn also regularly practice visualization meditation.

Can visualization meditation be used by everyone?

Visualization is also used by actors such as Will Smith and Jim Carrey to achieve their career dreams. Entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson also use visualization techniques. Each of them has made sure to make themselves, and their visualization meditation, a priority. Not only does it give them a competitive edge, but it also cultivates a sense of belief, builds confidence, and helps create the motivation and momentum needed for them to change what they do each day and create the lives they truly desire. Taking 10 minutes a day to visualize helps you show up as an empowered version of yourself. It helps you focus on the things that are important to you and will create real change in your life. By making yourself a priority and taking 10 minutes a day to set yourself up for success you will benefit both in the short term and the long term as you reap the rewards of a daily practice for the whole of your life. It is in the empowering of ourselves to be better like this, and improve our lives, that makes our ability to change our life more powerful.

Are you going to make yourself and your daily visualization meditation a priority, too?

This is the real question. Are you going to take advantage of this life-changing technique to help prime your mind to bring forth the best version of you each day? I hope you will, because while we’re all born with the desire and drive to improve ourselves and our lives, for many people life often simply stays the same. They just let their life happen to them. They accept a life far less than they deserve or indeed have the potential to achieve. Having a daily visualization meditation practice changes all that. It gives you control over where your life is going and helps you to consciously work towards living the life you truly desire. So what are you waiting for? Continue your practice today. Read more about how successful people use visualization.
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