EnVision: How Visualization Can Help

EnVision: How Visualization Can Help


While much of what is going on in the world right now is out of our control, there are many things we can do to help us get through this. One of them is finding time in our day to visualize and you can do this using EnVision.

EnVision and Visualization

Shift Your State

There are many benefits to visualization, particularly during uncertain times like these. First, you can use it to shift your emotional state. So if you are feeling anxious, worried, or stressed, try sessions like Reset, Stressed, Anxiety, and our Stress Relief Series. These sessions will help make you feel calm and centered. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like things are out of your control, then our Overwhelmed session will help make you feel more relaxed and self-assured.

Find Gratitude

Another way to use visualization to help you during this time is to find gratitude. Taking some time out to pause and think about what you already have in your life that you are grateful for is a really good way to shift into a positive mental state. We have both a gratitude single and gratitude series to help you do this. Shifting into gratitude is a really simple shift to make but can have a huge impact on how you feel.

Look To The Future

You can also visualization it to help increase positivity in your life as you look to the future. Our Compelling Future Course and accompanying single have been designed to help you create an exciting and inspiring vision for your future life. You see now more than ever we need to focus on the future and on the good things that will come. It might be difficult to think about doing this right now, but it will be worth the effort. If we focus on the future and look to the positive things that will happen in our lives once this is all over, then that will help build the confidence we need to know that we are going to be able to get through these unsettling times.

So if possible, see if you can make the most of any extra time you might have on your hands right now and prioritize a regular visualization practice. It will be well worth the time invested.

Find useful tips to get started with visualization in the EnVision app.

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