4 Ways to Use Visualization Techniques to shift your state

4 Ways to Use Visualization Techniques to shift your state

Top 4 Ways to use Visualization to Apply the Shift to your Day


Visualization techniques to stay positive, focused, and motivated. 

While we can have all the best intentions, sometimes things happen that put us into a negative mindset. Life can leave us feeling stressed. We can become overwhelmed, we can suddenly feel uncertain within ourselves, or something happening to us can simply throw our mindset and focus off course. 

First of all, if this happens to you don’t worry. All this is totally normal and these things happen to all of us. What is important to remember is that it is not so much about preventing these things from happening, but rather about how we recover from them when they do. This is where the power of visualization techniques comes in. 

Visualization can help us by enabling us to shift our mindset out of a negative one, and back into a positive one. This is something we call shifting into an empowered state. We can use it in many different ways and at many different times of the day. Here are our top 4 ways to use it.  

4 ways to use Visualization techniques to shift our mindset

1. Set The Tone For The Day Ahead

While we can’t always help how we wake up, we can use visualization to successfully shift into an empowered state early on in the day. By taking the time to do this soon after we wake up it will help set a positive tone for the day ahead. 

2. Reset Your State During The Day 

Sometimes our day can be going really well then something happens to change that and throws us off track. Or sometimes there can be too much going on and we can begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Either way, using visualization to shift our state during these moments can help us refocus and regain clarity so we can once again focus on what is important to us. 

3. Shift Your State Ahead Of Key Moments

Visualization helps us perform better during key moments of our life. So whether we have a big meeting coming up, a presentation we are giving, a deal we are trying to close, a tough conversation we have to have or even simply a block of time we have set aside to get something important done, taking the time to visualize ahead of these key moments will help give you the outcome that you want for them. 

4. Let Go Of Your Day 

The final way we can apply the state shift to our day is at the end of our day. We can use it either to help us let go of the day we’ve just had, set us up for the evening ahead, so switch into a state of calm, rest or relaxation, or to set us up for the following day so we know what our intention is for the next day.

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