10 benefits of using a vision board

10 benefits of using a vision board

Vision boards can help us to enforce our vision and support a visualization practice. Whether you have created a handmade vision board, an electronic one or used the EnVision app to make one in the app, these are the benefits of using it.

1. Get clear on goals

A vision board is a helpful tool that can help you get clear on what goals you want to achieve in your life. It can help you bring awareness to what matters most so you focus on the right things when working towards your goals.

2. Helps you grow

Vision boards can be updated as many times as you like. Our goals often change and we can update them once we have achieved a goal, too. It can also be a great place to look at where you’ve come from, what goals you have already achieved, and remind you of your growth along the journey.

3. Get motivated

Your vision board is a great place to get motivated as you work towards achieving your goals and future vision.

4. Shift your mindset

A great way to lift your mood and shift into a positive mindset is to reflect on your vision board. Think about how each visual representation makes you feel, how important it is to you to achieve it and how you’ll feel in the future.

5. Be intentional

Becoming more intentional about your day can help you focus on a goal and set out clear steps of what you want to achieve. A vision board will help you prioritize the most important goals and be intentional.

6. Feel happy

Doing something creative and fun can give us a huge positive mood boost. Creating your vision board is a great opportunity to prioritize yourself and take time out to think about what you want to achieve in the future.

7. Connect to areas of your life

Your vision board doesn’t need to be limited to just work or career-related goals. You can create individual vision boards for all aspects of your life; fitness, relationships, health so you can connect to each vision in more depth.

8. A useful visualization tool

Your vision board is a great tool to use as part of your visualization practice. At EnVision we encourage you to connect with it daily as part of your practice and to help reinforce what you are trying to achieve.

9. Improves chances of success

Achieving your goals requires determination and focus. A vision board helps you to become clear on your vision and remain focused and succeed.

10. Increased productivity

We can all feel stuck at times or lack the energy to complete a goal. Revisiting your vision board and connecting to your goals can increase productivity, reduce procrastination and inspire you to get going.

Learn more about creating a vision board in the EnVision app and get started right away with three easy steps; name your board, choose a layout and browse the image library to make your board unique.

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