Vision board success

Vision board success

Whether you’re just starting out with your first vision board or you have already created one for each goal or area of your life, a vision board can help to motivate and empower you to achieve a future goal. But, a vision board is only as useful as you make it. Simply creating a vision board and then placing it in a corner where it will never be re-visited will only mean it gets forgotten. At EnVision we encourage users to connect with their vision board each day and work on their visualization technique and skill to empower them to make their future vision a success.

Our method is known as the EnVision Daily Habit. By connecting with the visual representation of each goal, we propel ourselves forward and focus on what we want to achieve every day.

The EnVision Daily Habit begins each day with a reflection on your vision board. Take a few moments to look at your vision board and decide how it makes you feel. Take note of your present emotions and note how you would feel if you achieved the goal in the future, too. Would you change anything on your board? You can update anything you like in the EnVision app at this stage or continue to set up your day. We then encourage EnVision users to choose a visualization session or use a suggestion from the app. Simply connecting with a vision board is unlikely to make it successful. We need to work on our visualization technique, too. You can complement the goal on your vision board with a suitable visualization session, perhaps if you have a career goal on your board, a visualization session about prepping for a big meeting could help. Alternatively, you can also choose something more relevant and in the moment – a quick session to prime your day or improve your mindset might help. Once you have taken a few minutes to practice a visualization session we then recommend you set up your intention for the day. Define what state you will bring to the day ahead and set some key actions of things you want to achieve and do. 

Combining the EnVision Daily Habit with a vision board will help you to make it successful. Get started with your vision board and set up your day in the EnVision app.

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