A vision board creator

A vision board creator

Looking for an easy-to-use digital vision board creator? There are several tools you can use to create a vision board online. However, with the EnVision app you can create, store and reference your vision board daily to help you achieve your goals alongside building up your visualization practice and techniques.

Why create a vision board in a visualization app?

A vision board is a great technique used as part of your visualization practice. It can be used to represent your goals and future plans which in turn helps to connect you with the vision for the life you want to create. Once we have a vision board, we can visualize and shift our mindset and attitude to an inspired and motivated state. Using this state, we can take action to fulfil our dreams and goals.

How can a visualization app help?

Just by improving each day by a small percentage it can make the difference to your long-term success and achieving your goal. Visualization techniques need to be consistent to be effective. Simply referring to your vision board one time will be unlikely to yield the desired result. However, referencing your vision board daily coupled with guided visualization can help to make a difference over time as you become more focussed on achieving what you have set out on your board. 

Do vision boards work?

Ultimately, yes they can work. However, we need to be reminded of our vision and dreams daily and, take action towards each goal for this to work. A sense of motivation, purpose and a positive mindset will help propel us towards fulfilling each goal along our journey, your vision board will help to remind you of the end goal.

Learn more about creating a vision board in the EnVision app and get started right away with three easy steps; name your board, choose a layout and browse the image library to make your board unique.

Create your first board for free in the EnVision app!