Vision Board Ideas To Help You Visualize Your Goals

Vision Board Ideas To Help You Visualize Your Goals

A vision board can help you to connect with the vision for the life that you want to create. You can use a vision board as part of your visualization practice, helping you to shift your mindset, attitude and motivate you to achieve your goals. 

Use these vision board ideas to help you to visualize your goals and create a vision board that inspires you.


The photos and pictures you choose to add to your vision board not only need to inspire and motivate you, but they need to help you visualize your goals. When selecting a photo, try to realise how it makes you feel about your goal. Does it inspire you? How can it help you achieve the goal? Can you visualize yourself achieving the goal when you connect with it? There are no right or wrong ways to do this. You can select an image from EnVision app library, or you can upload your own image to the EnVision vision board. 



Quotes, affirmations and words can have a powerful effect on us. They can conjure up emotion, drive us forward and so much more. Try to find words and quotes you connect with before adding to your vision board. If you don’t really connect with words, that’s also fine – images are a great alternative. If you do decide to use words, consider how you will include it in your board. Will you take a photo of a quote from a book and upload it to the EnVision app? Or perhaps, you will type your favourite words or mantra onto an image you have chosen. Both options are possible using the EnVision app, find out more here. 


Doodles and Drawings

Do you like to draw or make things? Do these doodles and drawings inspire you to achieve your goals? Drawing is a great way to express your vision, to connect with your purpose and your goals. If you are quite creative, grab some paper or a notebook and sketch what you’d like to achieve. Once you’re done, take a photo to capture it and upload it into the EnVision app. Every time you open the app, you’ll be reminded to connect with your vision board and you’ll be able to connect to your drawing. 



Small collectables and souvenirs are a great way to help us connect with a vision, something we love or want to create and achieve in our lives. Gather your souvenirs and create a collage that you can capture with your phone and upload to the EnVision app.

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