How to make a vision board

How to make a vision board

Once you have set out your goals and priorities for creating the life you want, it’s time to get started and make your vision board. Get started with creating your goals here, if you need some help. 

How to make a vision board step 01

Firstly, get started by downloading the EnVision app. EnVision is a guided visualization app which uses visualization techniques to help you achieve your goals. Once you have downloaded the app, click ‘Vision’ to get started. 

How to make a vision board step 02

Next, you will be prompted to name your first board. Your first board in the EnVision app is free. Choose something that will help you identify it in the future as you’ll come back to it again.  

How to make a vision board step 03

Once you move onto the next screen, you can choose your layout. Read more about using a vision board template. Keep in mind your goals, aspirations and your dreams when choosing your layout or template. You may want to create a board for each individual goal or perhaps all your goals. 

How to make a vision board step 04

Next, you can start to select your images and begin adding them in. Browse the EnVision app library of over 1,000+ images broken out into sections which include Work & Career, Purpose, Health, Lifestyle, Empowered, Relationships and Financial Wealth. You can also upload your own images if you prefer, or view Trending images from the EnVision community. Once you have found your image, select it and then add text and colors to make it unique. You might like to add inspirational quotes that motivate you or perhaps a color that helps you to feel a certain way.

How to make a vision board step 05

Finally, once you have finished creating your board, save it in the EnVision app. You can connect to it each day to feel inspired and your images can be viewed directly from the home screen each time you open the app.

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Try EnVision for free now, download from the app store.