How a Vision Board app can help you stay motivated

How a Vision Board app can help you stay motivated

We all have hope and dreams of the life we want to create and what we want to achieve. A better work-life balance, improved fitness, running a marathon and so much more. Whilst many are able to achieve these dreams, the reason many of us aren’t able to is because we’re not sure how to get there, that’s where EnVision and our Vision Board app feature can help

Get clear on your dreams

Understanding your purpose and what you want to achieve in the future will help to provide a map of what to focus on. This helps to break down our dreams into manageable goals. Visualization gives us the clarity we need to achieve those future dreams and vision. This is where a vision board can really help to bring out what’s in our mind’s eye. It’s no surprise then, that as a result, a vision board can help you stay motivated. It’s usually made up of quotes, pictures and goals comprising your plans and vision, your board acts as a reminder of the life you are working to create. You can read more here.

How can an app help?

A vision board app, however, can help to enforce this vision. Traditionally, a vision board would be something you make by hand, sticking together a collage of printed imagery and snippets from magazines to create a board. You would then look and reflect on this board as often as possible to help you stay motivated, feel inspired and focussed.


With a vision board app, you can create your vision and carry it in your pocket. Vision boards are a great way to support your visualization practice. At EnVision, we have taken this and incorporated it into our app so that you can connect with it daily. When you open the app you will be reminded of your vision. You can view the entire board, or simply look at a slider of images from the homepage. This helps to constantly connect you to what you are trying to achieve. 


The EnVision app allows you to create a board for your entire vision or a particular goal. You can create a single board which encompasses everything in one place, or individual boards for areas of your life like career, relationships or fitness. 


There are over 1,000 images in the EnVision app so you can choose an image that represents something you are focussing on, or you can upload your own picture and save it in your board. Each board can be customised with color and text, plus there are eight layout to choose how your board will look

Create your first board for free in the EnVision app!