These celebrities use a visualization board to achieve their goals

These celebrities use a visualization board to achieve their goals

A visualization board or vision board is a tool that represents your goals and future plans. Connecting with your vision board daily can help to prime your mind to see more opportunities. However, vision boards, also known as visualization boards, are more than just collages of dreams. When looking at the pictures, you should try to connect with them and visualize what you feel if you were already there. Vision boards together with visualization techniques can have a great impact on turning a simple dream into an achieved goal. The EnVision app guides you through using visualization techniques to create a life you truly desire

The Celebrities Using Vision Boards

Oprah Winfrey has often quoted that her vision boards previously helped her to achieve her goals. Appearing in an interview alongside Reese Witherspoon, Reese also agreed that a vision board helps to achieve your goals.

Katy Perry, has been known to use visualization tools like vision boards to achieve her goals. Previously, including her favorite singer winning a Grammy has helped to focus her mind. Katy explained that she made her first vision board at the age of nine years old after being taught about it in school.

Steve Harvey, a comedian, TV and radio presenter, is well known for his use of a vision board to help him achieve his goals. Appearing on his own YouTube channel, now a motivational speaker, he explains how creating a vision board incorporating your dreams will help you to achieve the life you desire.

Ellen DeGeneres explained how she successfully achieved her dream of appearing on the cover of ‘O Magazine’ after creating a vision board focussed on this goal.

In conclusion, there are many more examples of celebrities using visualization tools and techniques to achieve their goals. Get started with the EnVision app and create your first board

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